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ACDELCO BASE (NEW) - A\/C Manifold Seal Kit
(Part Number: 15-2722)


 $ 6.85

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Part Number
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A\/C Manifold Seal Kit
Product Fit:
Direct Fit
0.02 lbs.
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Heating And Ac
Gaskets O Rings And Kits
Part Type:
Ac Gasket

The ACDELCO BASE (NEW) Ac Gasket contains no remanufactured components, and is designed to operate in either city or highway driving.

Year(s) Make Model(s) Engine(s)
2005-1992BuickCenturyV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
2005-1994BuickCenturyV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1996-1993BuickCenturyL4-134ci 2.2L MFI
1996-1995BuickCenturyV6-189ci 3.1L MPI
1992BuickCenturyL4-151ci 2.5L TBI
1993-1992BuickCentury,SkylarkV6-204ci 3.3L MFI
1994BuickCommercial ChassisV8-350ci 5.7L MFI
1990-1989BuickElectraV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
1990BuickElectraV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
1989BuickElectraV8-307ci 5.0L 4BBL
2005-2003; 2000-1991BuickLeSabreV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
2005-2003; 1995-1991BuickPark AvenueV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
2007-2004BuickRainierL6-256ci 4.2L MFI
2007-2006BuickRainierV8-325ci 5.3L MFI
2005-2004BuickRainierV8-323ci 5.3L MFI
1991-1989BuickReattaV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
1991BuickReattaV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
2004-1997; 1993-1990BuickRegalV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
2004-1997; 1993-1991BuickRegalV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
1993-1990BuickRegalV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1993-1991BuickRegalV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1999; 1995; 1993-1989BuickRivieraV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
1999; 1995; 1993-1991BuickRivieraV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
1996-1994BuickRoadmasterV8-350ci 5.7L MFI
1996-1995BuickRoadmasterV8-350ci 5.7L MFI
1993-1992BuickRoadmasterV8-350ci 5.7L TBI
1998-1994BuickSkylarkV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1998-1996BuickSkylarkL4-146ci 2.4L MFI
1995-1992BuickSkylarkL4-138ci 2.3L MFI
1993Cadillac60 SpecialV8-300ci 4.9L MFI
1993CadillacAllanteV8-281ci 4.6L MFI
1992-1989CadillacAllanteV8-273ci 4.5L MFI
1992-1991CadillacAllanteV8-273ci 4.5L MFI
1992CadillacBroughamV8-305ci 5.0L TBI,V8-350ci 5.7L TBI
2001-1997CadillacCateraV6-181ci 3.0L MFI,V6-181ci 3.0L MPI
1996-1994CadillacCommercial ChassisV8-350ci 5.7L MFI
1996-1994CadillacCommercial ChassisV8-350ci 5.7L MFI
1993-1992CadillacCommercial ChassisV8-300ci 4.9L MFI,V8-350ci 5.7L TBI
1999-1994CadillacDeVilleV8-281ci 4.6L MFI
1996CadillacDeVilleV8-279ci 4.6L MPI
1995-1991CadillacDeVilleV8-300ci 4.9L MFI
1995-1991CadillacDeVilleV8-300ci 4.9L MFI
1990CadillacDeVille,Eldorado,Fleetwood,SevilleV8-273ci 4.5L MFI
1989CadillacDeVille,Eldorado,Fleetwood,SevilleV8-273ci 4.5L TBI
2002-1993CadillacEldoradoV8-281ci 4.6L MFI
1993-1991CadillacEldorado,SevilleV8-300ci 4.9L MFI
1989CadillacEldorado,SevilleV8-273ci 4.5L TBI
2002CadillacEscaladeV8-325ci 5.3L MFI
2002CadillacEscaladeV8-325ci 5.3L MFI,V8-364ci 6.0L MFI,V8-364ci 6.0L MPI
2000-1999CadillacEscaladeV8-350ci 5.7L MFI
2002CadillacEscalade,Escalade EXTV8-364ci 6.0L MFI,V8-364ci 6.0L MPI
1995CadillacFleetwoodV8-350ci 5.7L MFI
1993CadillacFleetwoodV8-350ci 5.7L TBI
1992-1991CadillacFleetwoodV8-300ci 4.9L MFI
1991CadillacFleetwoodV8-300ci 4.9L MFI
1997-1993CadillacSevilleV8-281ci 4.6L MFI
2005-1992ChevroletAstroV6-262ci 4.3L MFI
1994-1990ChevroletAstroV6-262ci 4.3L TBI
1990ChevroletAstroL4-151ci 2.5L TBI
2002ChevroletAvalanche 1500V8-323ci 5.3L MFI
2002ChevroletAvalanche 2500V8-496ci 8.1L MFI
1994-1990ChevroletBerettaL4-140ci 2.3L MFI
1994-1991ChevroletBerettaL4-140ci 2.3L MFI
1993-1992ChevroletBerettaL4-140ci 2.3L MFI
1993-1992ChevroletBeretta,Cavalier,CorsicaL4-134ci 2.2L MFI
1991-1990ChevroletBeretta,Cavalier,CorsicaL4-134ci 2.2L TBI
1991ChevroletBeretta,Cavalier,CorsicaL4-134ci 2.2L TBI
1996-1990ChevroletBeretta,CorsicaV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1996-1991ChevroletBeretta,CorsicaV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1996-1992ChevroletBeretta,CorsicaL4-134ci 2.2L MFI
1993-1992ChevroletBeretta,CorsicaV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1989-1987ChevroletBeretta,CorsicaL4-122ci 2.0L TBI,V6-173ci 2.8L MFI
2005-1998; 1995ChevroletBlazerV6-262ci 4.3L MFI
2002ChevroletBlazerV6-254ci 4.2L TBI
2001-1998; 1995ChevroletBlazerV6-262ci 4.3L TBI
1992ChevroletBlazer,C1500,C1500 Suburban,C2500,C2500 Suburban,K1500,K1500 Suburban,K2500,K2500 Suburban,K3500V8-350ci 5.7L TBI
1999-1996ChevroletC1500 Suburban,C2500 Suburban,K1500 Suburban,K2500 Suburban,TahoeV8-395ci 6.5L MFI
1999-1996ChevroletC1500,C1500 Suburban,C2500 Suburban,K1500,K1500 Suburban,K2500 Suburban,P30V8-350ci 5.7L MFI
1992ChevroletC1500,C2500,C2500 Suburban,C3500,K2500,K2500 Suburban,K3500V8-454ci 7.4L TBI
1992ChevroletC1500,C2500,C3500,K1500,K2500,K3500V8-379ci 6.2L MFI
1992ChevroletC1500,C2500,Camaro,K1500,K2500V8-305ci 5.0L TBI
1992ChevroletC1500,C2500,K1500,K2500V6-262ci 4.3L TBI
1999-1996ChevroletC1500,K1500V8-305ci 5.0L MFI
1998-1996ChevroletC1500,K1500V6-262ci 4.3L MFI,V8-395ci 6.5L MFI
1998-1996ChevroletC2500V8-305ci 5.0L MFI
1999-1996ChevroletC2500 Suburban,K2500 Suburban,P30V8-454ci 7.4L MFI
2000-1996ChevroletC2500,C3500,Express 3500,K2500,K3500V8-454ci 7.4L MFI
2000-1996; 1992ChevroletC2500,C3500,K2500,K3500V8-395ci 6.5L MFI
2000-1996ChevroletC2500,C3500,K2500,K3500,TahoeV8-350ci 5.7L MFI
2000-1996; 1992ChevroletC2500,K2500,K3500V8-395ci 6.5L MFI
2002-1996; 1992ChevroletC3500V8-395ci 6.5L MFI
2002-2001; 1992ChevroletC3500V8-350ci 5.7L TBI
2002-2001ChevroletC3500,Express 3500,Silverado 2500 HD,Silverado 3500,Suburban 2500V8-496ci 8.1L MFI
2002-1992ChevroletCamaroV8-350ci 5.7L MFI
2002-1995ChevroletCamaroV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
1995-1993ChevroletCamaroV6-207ci 3.4L MFI
1992ChevroletCamaroV6-189ci 3.1L MFI,V8-305ci 5.0L MFI
1996-1994ChevroletCapriceV8-265ci 4.3L MFI
1996-1994ChevroletCapriceV8-265ci 4.3L MFI,V8-350ci 5.7L MFI
1993-1992ChevroletCapriceV6-262ci 4.3L TBI,V8-305ci 5.0L TBI
1993-1992ChevroletCapriceV6-262ci 4.3L TBI,V8-305ci 5.0L TBI,V8-350ci 5.7L TBI
1993-1992ChevroletCaprice,G10V8-350ci 5.7L TBI
1996-1994ChevroletCaprice,ImpalaV8-350ci 5.7L MFI
2005-1992ChevroletCavalierL4-134ci 2.2L MFI
2004-1995ChevroletCavalierL4-134ci 2.2L MPI
2004-1995ChevroletCavalierL4-134ci 2.2L MPI
2002-1996ChevroletCavalierL4-146ci 2.4L MFI
2001; 1996-1995ChevroletCavalierL4-146ci 2.4L MPI
1996-1995ChevroletCavalierL4-146ci 2.4L MPI
1995ChevroletCavalierL4-138ci 2.3L MFI
1994-1990ChevroletCavalierV6-173ci 2.8L MFI,V6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1994-1990ChevroletCavalierV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1994-1991ChevroletCavalierV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1993-1990ChevroletCavalierV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1993-1990ChevroletCavalierV6-173ci 2.8L MFI,V6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1991-1990ChevroletCavalierL4-134ci 2.2L TBI
2005-2004ChevroletClassicL4-134ci 2.2L MFI
2004-1992ChevroletCorvetteV8-350ci 5.7L MFI
2014-2010; 2008-2006; 2002-1996ChevroletExpress 1500V6-262ci 4.3L MFI
2014-2006ChevroletExpress 1500V8-325ci 5.3L MFI
2008-2006; 2002-1996ChevroletExpress 1500V6-262ci 4.3L MFI
2008-2006; 2002-1998ChevroletExpress 1500V6-262ci 4.3L TBI
2001-2000ChevroletExpress 1500V6-262ci 4.3L TBI
2002-1996ChevroletExpress 1500,Express 2500V8-305ci 5.0L MFI
2001-2000ChevroletExpress 1500,Express 2500V6-262ci 4.3L MFI,V8-305ci 5.0L MFI
2002-1996ChevroletExpress 1500,Express 2500,Express 3500V8-350ci 5.7L MFI
2001-2000ChevroletExpress 1500,Express 2500,Express 3500V8-350ci 5.7L MFI
2008-2006ChevroletExpress 1500,Express 3500V8-325ci 5.3L MFI
2008-2006ChevroletExpress 1500,Express 3500,TrailblazerV8-325ci 5.3L MFI
2002-1996ChevroletExpress 2500V6-262ci 4.3L MFI
1996ChevroletExpress 2500V8-305ci 5.0L TBI
2014-2006ChevroletExpress 2500,Express 3500V8-294ci 4.8L MFI,V8-364ci 6.0L MFI,V8-400ci 6.6L MFI
2014-2006ChevroletExpress 2500,Express 3500V8-294ci 4.8L MFI,V8-364ci 6.0L MFI,V8-403ci 6.6L MFI
2008-2006ChevroletExpress 2500,Express 3500V8-294ci 4.8L MFI,V8-364ci 6.0L MFI,V8-400ci 6.6L MFI
2008-2006ChevroletExpress 2500,Express 3500V8-294ci 4.8L MFI,V8-364ci 6.0L MFI,V8-403ci 6.6L MFI
2002-1996ChevroletExpress 2500,Express 3500V8-395ci 6.5L MFI
2001-2000ChevroletExpress 2500,Express 3500V8-395ci 6.5L MFI
2001ChevroletExpress 3500V8-496ci 8.1L MFI
2000ChevroletExpress 3500V8-454ci 7.4L MFI
2008-2006ChevroletExpress 3500,TrailblazerV8-325ci 5.3L MFI
2014-2010ChevroletExpress 4500V8-364ci 6.0L MFI,V8-400ci 6.6L MFI
2014-2010ChevroletExpress 4500V8-364ci 6.0L MFI,V8-403ci 6.6L MFI
1995-1992ChevroletG10,G20V6-262ci 4.3L TBI,V8-305ci 5.0L TBI
1995-1992ChevroletG20V8-350ci 5.7L TBI
1995-1994ChevroletG20V8-395ci 6.5L MFI
1993-1992ChevroletG20,G30V8-379ci 6.2L MFI
1996-1992ChevroletG30V6-262ci 4.3L TBI,V8-350ci 5.7L TBI,V8-454ci 7.4L TBI
1996-1994ChevroletG30V8-395ci 6.5L MFI
2003-2000ChevroletImpalaV6-207ci 3.4L MFI,V6-231ci 3.8L MFI,V6-231ci 3.8L MPI
1996-1995ChevroletImpalaV8-350ci 5.7L MFI
1998-1997ChevroletK2500V8-305ci 5.0L MFI
2001-1992ChevroletLuminaV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1999-1998ChevroletLuminaV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
1997-1992ChevroletLuminaV6-207ci 3.4L MFI
1993ChevroletLuminaL4-133ci 2.2L MFI
1992ChevroletLuminaL4-151ci 2.5L TBI
1996ChevroletLumina APVV6-207ci 3.4L MFI
1995-1992ChevroletLumina APVV6-189ci 3.1L TBI,V6-231ci 3.8L MFI
2003-1997ChevroletMalibuV6-189ci 3.1L MFI,V6-191ci 3.1L MPI
1999-1997ChevroletMalibuL4-146ci 2.4L MFI
1999-1997ChevroletMalibuL4-146ci 2.4L MFI,L4-146ci 2.4L MPI
1998-1997ChevroletMalibuL4-146ci 2.4L MPI
2003-1998ChevroletMonte CarloV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
2003-2000; 1997-1995ChevroletMonte CarloV6-207ci 3.4L MFI
1999-1995ChevroletMonte CarloV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1999-1994ChevroletP30V8-395ci 6.5L MFI
1999-1996ChevroletP30V6-262ci 4.3L MFI
1997-1990ChevroletP30V8-454ci 7.4L TBI
1996-1990ChevroletP30V8-350ci 5.7L TBI
1995-1990ChevroletP30V6-262ci 4.3L TBI
1993-1990ChevroletP30V8-379ci 6.2L MFI
1991-1990ChevroletP30L4-239ci 3.9L MFI
2002-1998ChevroletPrizmL4-110ci 1.8L MFI
2004-1994ChevroletS10V6-262ci 4.3L MFI
2003-1994ChevroletS10L4-134ci 2.2L MFI
2003-1995ChevroletS10L4-134ci 2.2L MPI
2000-1997ChevroletS10-- -L
1995-1991ChevroletS10V6-262ci 4.3L TBI
1993-1991ChevroletS10L4-151ci 2.5L TBI,V6-173ci 2.8L TBI
1993-1991ChevroletS10L4-151ci 2.5L TBI,V6-173ci 2.8L TBI,V6-189ci 3.1L TBI
1994-1991ChevroletS10 BlazerV6-262ci 4.3L TBI
1994-1992ChevroletS10 BlazerV6-262ci 4.3L MFI
2002-1999ChevroletSilverado 1500V6-262ci 4.3L MFI,V8-294ci 4.8L MFI
2002-2001ChevroletSilverado 1500 HD,Silverado 2500 HD,Silverado 3500V8-364ci 6.0L MFI
2002-1999ChevroletSilverado 1500,Silverado 2500V8-323ci 5.3L MFI
2002-1999ChevroletSilverado 2500V8-364ci 6.0L MFI
2002-2001ChevroletSilverado 2500V8-350ci 5.7L MFI
2002-2001ChevroletSilverado 2500 HD,Silverado 3500V8-403ci 6.6L MFI
2002-2001ChevroletSilverado 2500 HD,Silverado 3500V8-400ci 6.6L MFI
2006-2005ChevroletSSRV8-364ci 6.0L MFI
2004-2003ChevroletSSRV8-325ci 5.3L MFI
2006ChevroletSSR,TrailblazerV8-364ci 6.0L MFI
2004-2003ChevroletSSR,Trailblazer EXTV8-325ci 5.3L MFI
2002-2000ChevroletSuburban 1500V8-350ci 5.7L MFI
2002-2000ChevroletSuburban 1500,TahoeV8-323ci 5.3L MFI
2002-2000ChevroletSuburban 2500V8-364ci 6.0L MFI
2002-2000ChevroletTahoeV8-294ci 4.8L MFI
2009-2002ChevroletTrailblazerL6-256ci 4.2L MFI
2009-2006ChevroletTrailblazerV8-364ci 6.0L MFI
2008-2006ChevroletTrailblazerV8-325ci 5.3L MFI
2006-2003ChevroletTrailblazerL6-256ci 4.2L MFI
2006ChevroletTrailblazerV8-325ci 5.3L MFI
2006-2002ChevroletTrailblazer EXTL6-256ci 4.2L MFI
2006-2003ChevroletTrailblazer EXTV8-325ci 5.3L MFI
2005ChevroletTrailblazer EXTV8-323ci 5.3L MFI
2004-2003ChevroletTrailblazer EXTL6-256ci 4.2L MFI
2006-2003ChevroletTrailblazer,Trailblazer EXTL6-256ci 4.2L MFI
2000ChevroletVentureV6-204ci 3.4L MPI,V6-207ci 3.4L MFI
1999-1996GMCC1500 Suburban,C2500 Suburban,K1500 Suburban,K2500 SuburbanV8-395ci 6.5L MFI
1999-1996GMCC1500,C1500 Suburban,C2500 Suburban,K1500,K1500 Suburban,K2500 Suburban,P3500V8-350ci 5.7L MFI
1992GMCC1500,C1500 Suburban,C2500,C2500 Suburban,C3500,K1500,K1500 Suburban,K2500,K2500 Suburban,K3500,YukonV8-350ci 5.7L TBI
1992GMCC1500,C2500,C3500,K1500,K2500,K3500V8-379ci 6.2L MFI
1992GMCC1500,C2500,K1500,K2500V6-262ci 4.3L TBI,V8-305ci 5.0L TBI
1999-1996GMCC1500,K1500V8-305ci 5.0L MFI
1998-1996GMCC1500,K1500V6-262ci 4.3L MFI
1997-1996GMCC1500,YukonV8-395ci 6.5L MFI
1998-1996GMCC2500V8-305ci 5.0L MFI
1999-1996GMCC2500 Suburban,K2500 Suburban,P3500V8-454ci 7.4L MFI
1992GMCC2500,C2500 Suburban,C3500,K2500,K2500 Suburban,K3500V8-454ci 7.4L TBI
2000-1996; 1992GMCC2500,C3500,K2500,K3500V8-395ci 6.5L MFI
2000-1996GMCC2500,C3500,K2500,K3500,Savana 3500V8-454ci 7.4L MFI
2000-1996GMCC2500,C3500,K2500,K3500,YukonV8-350ci 5.7L MFI
2000-1996; 1992GMCC2500,K2500,K3500V8-395ci 6.5L MFI
2002-1996; 1992GMCC3500V8-395ci 6.5L MFI
2002-2001GMCC3500,Savana 3500,Sierra 2500 HD,Sierra 3500,Yukon XL 2500V8-496ci 8.1L MFI
2009-2002GMCEnvoyL6-256ci 4.2L MFI
2009-2006GMCEnvoyV8-325ci 5.3L MFI
2006-2003GMCEnvoyL6-256ci 4.2L MFI
2006GMCEnvoyV8-325ci 5.3L MFI
2005GMCEnvoyV8-323ci 5.3L MFI
2006-2002GMCEnvoy XLL6-256ci 4.2L MFI
2006GMCEnvoy XLV8-325ci 5.3L MFI
2005-2003GMCEnvoy XLV8-323ci 5.3L MFI
2004-2003GMCEnvoy XLL6-256ci 4.2L MFI,V8-323ci 5.3L MFI
2005-2004GMCEnvoy XUVL6-256ci 4.2L MFI,V8-323ci 5.3L MFI
2006-2003GMCEnvoy,Envoy XLL6-256ci 4.2L MFI
2006GMCEnvoy,Envoy XLV8-325ci 5.3L MFI
1993-1992GMCG1500V8-350ci 5.7L TBI
1995-1992GMCG1500,G2500V8-305ci 5.0L TBI
1995-1992GMCG1500,G2500,G3500V6-262ci 4.3L TBI
1995-1992GMCG2500V8-350ci 5.7L TBI
1995-1994GMCG2500V8-395ci 6.5L MFI
1993-1992GMCG2500,G3500V8-379ci 6.2L MFI
1996-1992GMCG3500V8-350ci 5.7L TBI,V8-454ci 7.4L TBI
1996-1994GMCG3500V8-395ci 6.5L MFI
2005GMCJimmyV6 4.3L MFI
2004-1998; 1995-1992GMCJimmyV6-262ci 4.3L MFI
2004; 2002-1998; 1995-1992GMCJimmyV6-262ci 4.3L MFI
1994-1992GMCJimmyV6-262ci 4.3L TBI
1998-1996GMCK1500V8-395ci 6.5L MFI
1998GMCK2500V8-305ci 5.0L MFI
1999-1994GMCP3500V8-395ci 6.5L MFI
1999-1996GMCP3500V6-262ci 4.3L MFI
1997-1990GMCP3500V8-454ci 7.4L TBI
1996-1990GMCP3500V8-350ci 5.7L TBI
1995-1990GMCP3500V6-262ci 4.3L TBI
1993-1990GMCP3500V8-379ci 6.2L MFI
1991-1990GMCP3500L4-239ci 3.9L MFI
1991GMCS15 JimmyV6-262ci 4.3L TBI
1991GMCS15 Jimmy,SycloneV6-262ci 4.3L TBI
2005-1992GMCSafariV6-262ci 4.3L MFI
1994-1990GMCSafariV6-262ci 4.3L TBI
1990GMCSafariL4-151ci 2.5L TBI
2014-2010; 2008-2006; 2002-1996GMCSavana 1500V6-262ci 4.3L MFI
2014-2006GMCSavana 1500V8-325ci 5.3L MFI
2008-2006; 2002-1996GMCSavana 1500V6-262ci 4.3L MFI
2008-2006GMCSavana 1500V8-325ci 5.3L MFI
2002-1996GMCSavana 1500,Savana 2500V8-305ci 5.0L MFI
2001-2000GMCSavana 1500,Savana 2500V6-262ci 4.3L MFI,V8-305ci 5.0L MFI
2002-1996GMCSavana 1500,Savana 2500,Savana 3500V8-350ci 5.7L MFI
2001-2000GMCSavana 1500,Savana 2500,Savana 3500V8-350ci 5.7L MFI
2002-1996GMCSavana 2500V6-262ci 4.3L MFI
2014-2006GMCSavana 2500,Savana 3500V8-294ci 4.8L MFI,V8-364ci 6.0L MFI,V8-400ci 6.6L MFI
2014-2006GMCSavana 2500,Savana 3500V8-294ci 4.8L MFI,V8-364ci 6.0L MFI,V8-403ci 6.6L MFI
2008-2006GMCSavana 2500,Savana 3500V8-294ci 4.8L MFI,V8-364ci 6.0L MFI,V8-400ci 6.6L MFI
2008-2006GMCSavana 2500,Savana 3500V8-294ci 4.8L MFI,V8-364ci 6.0L MFI,V8-403ci 6.6L MFI
2002-1996GMCSavana 2500,Savana 3500V8-395ci 6.5L MFI
2001-2000GMCSavana 2500,Savana 3500V8-395ci 6.5L MFI
2001GMCSavana 3500V8-496ci 8.1L MFI
2000GMCSavana 3500V8-454ci 7.4L MFI
2002-2001GMCSavana 3500,Sierra 2500 HD,Sierra 3500,Yukon XL 2500V8-496ci 8.1L MFI
2014-2010GMCSavana 4500V8-364ci 6.0L MFI,V8-403ci 6.6L MFI
2014-2010GMCSavana 4500V8-364ci 6.0L MFI,V8-400ci 6.6L MFI
2002-1999GMCSierra 1500V6-262ci 4.3L MFI,V8-294ci 4.8L MFI,V8-323ci 5.3L MFI
2002GMCSierra 1500V8-364ci 6.0L MFI
2002-2001GMCSierra 1500 HD,Sierra 2500 HD,Sierra 3500,Yukon,Yukon XL 1500V8-364ci 6.0L MFI
2002-2001GMCSierra 1500,Sierra 1500 HD,Sierra 2500 HD,Sierra 3500,Yukon,Yukon XL 1500V8-364ci 6.0L MFI
2002-1999GMCSierra 2500V8-364ci 6.0L MFI
2000-1999GMCSierra 2500V8-323ci 5.3L MFI
2002-2001GMCSierra 2500 HD,Sierra 3500V8-403ci 6.6L MFI
2002-2001GMCSierra 2500 HD,Sierra 3500V8-400ci 6.6L MFI
2001GMCSierra C3V8-364ci 6.0L MFI
2004-1992GMCSonomaV6-262ci 4.3L MFI
2003-1994GMCSonomaL4-134ci 2.2L MFI
1995-1991GMCSonomaV6-262ci 4.3L TBI
1993-1991GMCSonomaL4-151ci 2.5L TBI,V6-173ci 2.8L TBI
1993-1992GMCTyphoonV6-262ci 4.3L TBI
2002-2000GMCYukonV8-294ci 4.8L MFI
2002-2000GMCYukon XL 2500V8-364ci 6.0L MFI
2002-2000GMCYukon,Yukon XL 1500V8-323ci 5.3L MFI
2008-2003IsuzuAscenderL6-256ci 4.2L MFI
2006-2003IsuzuAscenderL6-256ci 4.2L MFI
2006IsuzuAscenderV8-325ci 5.3L MFI
2005-2003IsuzuAscenderV8-323ci 5.3L MFI
1999-1992Oldsmobile88V6-231ci 3.8L MFI
1995Oldsmobile88V6-231ci 3.8L MPI
1996-1989Oldsmobile98V6-231ci 3.8L MFI
1996-1990Oldsmobile98V6-231ci 3.8L MFI
1996-1991Oldsmobile98V6-231ci 3.8L MFI
1998-1994OldsmobileAchievaV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1998-1996OldsmobileAchievaL4-146ci 2.4L MFI
1995-1992OldsmobileAchievaL4-138ci 2.3L MFI
1994-1992OldsmobileAchievaL4-140ci 2.3L MFI
1993-1992OldsmobileAchieva,Cutlass CieraV6-204ci 3.3L MFI
2004-1999OldsmobileAleroV6-207ci 3.4L MFI
2004-2002OldsmobileAleroL4-134ci 2.2L MFI
2001-1999OldsmobileAleroL4-146ci 2.4L MFI
1999-1995OldsmobileAuroraV8-244ci 4.0L MFI
2004-2002OldsmobileBravadaL6-256ci 4.2L MFI
2001-1998; 1994-1992OldsmobileBravadaV6-262ci 4.3L MFI
1992-1991OldsmobileBravadaV6-262ci 4.3L TBI
1992OldsmobileCustom CruiserV8-305ci 5.0L TBI,V8-350ci 5.7L TBI
1999-1997OldsmobileCutlassV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1996OldsmobileCutlassV6-189ci 3.1L MPI
1996-1993OldsmobileCutlass CieraL4-134ci 2.2L MFI
1996-1994OldsmobileCutlass CieraV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1992OldsmobileCutlass CieraL4-151ci 2.5L TBI
1994OldsmobileCutlass CruiserV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1993OldsmobileCutlass CruiserV6-204ci 3.3L MFI
1992OldsmobileCutlass CruiserV6-204ci 3.3L MFI
1997-1989OldsmobileCutlass SupremeV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1997-1990OldsmobileCutlass SupremeV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1996-1991OldsmobileCutlass SupremeV6-207ci 3.4L MFI
1991-1990OldsmobileCutlass SupremeL4-138ci 2.3L MFI
1990OldsmobileCutlass SupremeL4-140ci 2.3L MFI
1989OldsmobileCutlass SupremeV6-173ci 2.8L MFI
1991OldsmobileDelta 88V6-231ci 3.8L MFI
2002-1999OldsmobileIntrigueV6-214ci 3.5L MFI
1999-1998OldsmobileIntrigueV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
1999-1996OldsmobileLSSV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
1998-1997OldsmobileRegencyV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
2000; 1996OldsmobileSilhouetteV6-207ci 3.4L MFI
1995-1992OldsmobileSilhouetteV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
1994-1992OldsmobileSilhouetteV6-189ci 3.1L TBI
1992-1989OldsmobileToronadoV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
1992-1991OldsmobileToronadoV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
2005-2003; 2000-1991PontiacBonnevilleV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
2005-2004PontiacBonnevilleV8-281ci 4.6L MFI
1999-1997PontiacBonnevilleV6-231ci 3.8L MPI
2002-1992PontiacFirebirdV8-350ci 5.7L MFI
2002-1995PontiacFirebirdV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
1995-1993PontiacFirebirdV6-207ci 3.4L MFI
1992PontiacFirebirdV6-189ci 3.1L MFI,V8-305ci 5.0L MFI,V8-305ci 5.0L TBI
2005-1999PontiacGrand AmV6-207ci 3.4L MFI
2005-2002PontiacGrand AmL4-134ci 2.2L MFI
2004-1999PontiacGrand AmV6-204ci 3.4L MPI
2001-1996PontiacGrand AmL4-146ci 2.4L MFI
1998-1994PontiacGrand AmV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1995-1992PontiacGrand AmL4-138ci 2.3L MFI
1994-1992PontiacGrand AmL4-140ci 2.3L MFI
1993-1992PontiacGrand AmV6-204ci 3.3L MFI
2003-1989PontiacGrand PrixV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
2003-1991PontiacGrand PrixV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
2003-1997PontiacGrand PrixV6-231ci 3.8L MFI
2001-1997PontiacGrand PrixV6-231ci 3.8L MPI
1998-1997PontiacGrand PrixV6-191ci 3.1L MPI
1996-1991PontiacGrand PrixV6-207ci 3.4L MFI
1991-1990PontiacGrand PrixL4-138ci 2.3L MFI
1991PontiacGrand PrixL4-138ci 2.3L MFI
1989PontiacGrand PrixV6-173ci 2.8L MFI
2006-2005PontiacGTOV8-364ci 6.0L MFI
2004PontiacGTOV8-350ci 5.7L MFI
2000PontiacMontanaV6-207ci 3.4L MFI
1994-1991PontiacSunbirdV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1994-1990PontiacSunbirdL4-122ci 2.0L MFI
1994-1992PontiacSunbirdL4-122ci 2.0L MFI
1993-1991PontiacSunbirdV6-189ci 3.1L MFI
1993-1990PontiacSunbirdL4-122ci 2.0L MFI
1991-1990PontiacSunbirdL4-122ci 2.0L TBI
1991PontiacSunbirdL4-122ci 2.0L TBI
2005-1995PontiacSunfireL4-134ci 2.2L MFI
2002-1996PontiacSunfireL4-146ci 2.4L MFI
2002PontiacSunfireL4-134ci 2.2L MPI
2001-1997PontiacSunfireL4-146ci 2.4L MPI
2001-1997PontiacSunfireL4-146ci 2.4L MPI
1995PontiacSunfireL4-138ci 2.3L MFI
1991-1990PontiacTempestL4-134ci 2.2L,V6-189ci 3.1L
1989-1987PontiacTempestL4-122ci 2.0L,V6-173ci 2.8L
1996PontiacTrans SportV6-207ci 3.4L MFI
1995-1992PontiacTrans SportV6-189ci 3.1L TBI,V6-231ci 3.8L MFI
2009-2005Saab9-7xL6-256ci 4.2L MFI
2009-2006Saab9-7xV8-325ci 5.3L MFI
2009-2008Saab9-7xV8-364ci 6.0L MFI
2005Saab9-7xV8-323ci 5.3L MFI

Warranty Information

New products purchased from our store are covered by a manufacturer warranty. Other than applicable manufacturer warranties, or as otherwise provided in these Terms & Conditions, there are no warranties, express or implied for any of our products, and we specifically disclaim any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose for tires, aftermarket wheels, and tire & aftermarket wheel packages.

For other parts, we provide a limited warranty of 90 days from the date received by the original purchaser or installer, unless otherwise specified, which covers the replacement of a defective part(s). The warranty applies only to parts replacement with same or better quaity. For such cases, a full refund will be issued to the original purchaser. A refund or an exchange of a defective part will be processed only if it is accompanied by the original sales invoice. All items must be in their original condition and must not be damaged due to incorrect installation upon return. The warranty is limited only to the original purchaser and is non-transferable. 

  1. All items are given a limited 90-days warranty period by the manufacturer. The manufacturer will allow the parts to be covered by their warranty provided that the part was not modified by the buyer. 
  2. Under NO circumstances will our liability exceed the amount of the original sale.
  3. Products damaged as a result of abuse, misuse, improper repairs or maintenance, improper installation, alteration, or modification will not be covered by the warranty.
  4. The warranty does not cover airfreight charges, labor expenses, towing expenses, or rental car expenses resulting from installation errors. Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer. We will not reimburse any return shipping charges incurred.
  5. All returned items must have the RA (Return Authorization) number written outside the shipping box prior to return. The RA Numbers can be obtained by creating a return from within your account. Returned items without RA numbers will not be accepted. 
  6. Our liability does not cover lost or stolen packages mailed back by the customer containing the parts being claimed under warranty. Because the customer is the shipper, he/she is the only one who can file any lost claim with the shipping company. Therefore, the claim must be coordinated and processed through the shipping company by the customer. 
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