HONDA Insight Shocks


Shocks are on cars and light trucks with conventional type suspension systems. Shocks may also be used on the rear of some front-wheel-drive cars that use McPherson strut suspension in front. HONDA Insight shocks dampen up and down suspension travel by forcing hydraulic oil through valves in the shocks internal piston. Premium shocks are pressurized with nitrogen gas replacing atmospheric air in the shock; this prevents bubbles from forming in the hydraulic oil. Gas shocks improve vehicle comfort and control


HONDA Insight shocks slow down and reduce the spring’s natural frequency through process known as damping. Shocks dampen movement of the vehicle’s springs as they compress and rebound during vehicle travel. Without shocks, a vehicle would be difficult to control and would continually bounce. Shocks influence the vehicle control, handling and ride by keeping the tire in contact with the road.

Maintenance Tips/Suggestions

HONDA Insight shocks do not require any maintenance. Your vehicle’s shocks should be checked annually. Shocks wear out slowly and you may not notice gradual losses in ride comfort, handling and control. Excessive bouncing, rocking back and forth, drifting or nose-diving while braking, swaying, or cupping wear on the tires are some signs that your vehicle may have worn shocks. If you are purchasing new shocks consider premium shocks. Upgrading your HONDA Insight shocks usually improves overall ride quality, control and handling. Warn shocks can increase the wear of tires, ball joints, steering linkage, springs and C.V. joints. Some original shocks may be getting weak after 30,000 or 40,000 miles.

Failure symptoms

Vehicle continues to bounce after hitting bumps in roadway. Front suspension dives severely during hard braking. Swaying or rolling when at high speeds. Signs of oil leaking from the shock rod seal. Clunking and banging noises coming from the shock may be signs of internal shock failure or shock mounts.


Severely warn shocks can reduce the distance a vehicle takes to stop and handling problems that can lead to skidding.


Shock absorber, Dampers


HONDA Insight shocks are located under the vehicle and near the tire and wheel assembly. They connect from the body or frame to the suspension. All vehicle have at least four shocks, some light trucks may have more.


Depending on the year and options your HONDA Insight has, the above information may not apply. Consult with a professional automotive technician or manufacturer for specifics on your HONDA Insight