HONDA Insight Fuel Pumps


There are two types of fuel pumps, mechanical fuel and electrical fuel pump. A mechanical fuel pump produces low pressure (3 to 7 PSI) and is usually driven by the engine and found on vehicles equipped with a carburetor. HONDA Insight 1987 and newer all use electric fuel pumps, because of the introduction of electronic fuel injection. Electric fuel pumps produce higher pressure typically 10 to 50 PSI.


The purpose of your HONDA Insight fuel pump is to provide a constant fuel flow and pressure to the engine. A fuel pump pushes fuel from the tank and sends it under pressure to the injectors, which spray it into the engine’s intake manifold. The fuel pressure is kept constant by a fuel pressure regulator.

Maintenance Tips/Suggestions

HONDA Insight Fuel pumps require no maintenance. Regular fuel filter changes can help extend the life of the electric fuel pump on electronic fuel injection equipped vehicles. See your owner’s manual for fuel filter service intervals. A clogged filter can restrict fuel flow shorting the life of the fuel pump. You can also help prolong the life of the fuel pump by keeping as must fuel as possible in the tank. Since fuel cools the pump, having plenty of fuel in the tank helps keep the pump from overheating. A restricted fuel pump inlet strainer can starve the pump, causing it to overheat and fail. Buying your gasoline from a reputable dealer can eliminate this problem. Proper voltage at the fuel pump, and fuel pressure should be checked before replacing the fuel pump. Consult your service manual for proper pressure and testing procedures. Keeping your HONDA Insight fuel system properly maintained is vital to your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency.

Failure symptoms

A failing or faulty electric fuel pump can cause various symptoms including a loud whine from the fuel tank area, hesitation when accelerating, and lack of performance and stalling.


Ignoring these symptoms may lead to a total fuel pump failure disabling the vehicle.


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HONDA Insight electric fuel pumps are almost always located inside the fuel tank, but there are some vehicles where the pump may be located along the frame rail or mounted to the body near the fuel tank. The fuel pump has a strainer at its inlet to filter out fuel tank contaminants.


Depending on the year and options your HONDA Insight has, the above information may not apply. Consult with a professional automotive technician or manufacturer for specifics on your HONDA Insight