HONDA Insight Timing Belt


The HONDA Insight timing belt is a flexible rubber belt with molded teeth that grip notches in the camshaft and crankshaft sprockets.


The timing belt synchronizes the engine crankshaft with the camshaft, thus the name timing belt.

Maintenance Tips/Suggestions

HONDA Insight timing belts are a critical part of engine maintenance program and must be replaced at specified intervals determined by the belt manufacturer or original equipment vehicle manufacturer. Failure to do so may result in catastrophic engine failure. It is best practice when replacing a timing belt that you replace all rotating components that contain a bearing, this would include idler and tension pulleys. On some vehicles the timing belt also drives the water pump. Timing belts are sold separately and as kits that contain idler pulleys, tension pulleys and belt tensioners.

Failure symptoms

Noises coming from under the timing belt cover maybe caused buy worn bearing in the idler and tension pulleys. Timing belts that fail completely will prevent the engine from starting. Timing belts that jump time or are out of phase will cause poor engine performance.


Timing belts that fail may cause serious engine damage.


Timing belt, Sync belt


HONDA Insight timing belt is located under timing belt cover. This cover is at the front of the engine and is behind the accessory drive belts that drive the power steering pump, alternator and a/c compressor.


Depending on the year and options your HONDA Insight has, the above information may not apply. Consult with a professional automotive technician or manufacturer for specifics on your HONDA Insight